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Bill Good has written more than a brilliant textbook on telephone marketing. he has also written a book that will help marketing people of all disciplines understand the critical importance of timing.

    Al Ries
    Trout & Ries Advertising
    Coauthor of Positioning and Marketing Warfare

Bill Good's simple approach to telephone prospecting has helped us create spectacularly successful account executives. Every account executive should now read his book and every sales manager who understands that his or her job is to make successful salespeople should read it too.

    Jack Kemp
    Senior Vice President and Training Director
    Dean Witter Reynolds

Dynamite book! Bill Good's approach is the wave of the future in telephone marketing. By following his approach, salespeople can triple their results.

    Richard W. Haskin, CLU
    Director, Agency Development
    Prudential Insurance Company

Without question, Bill Good is one of the country's foremost experts in the area of building new business. With his proven and practical strategies, anyone taking the time and effort to work his methods must achieve success.

    Robert A. Leo
    Executive Vice President and Director of National Sales
    Shearson Lehman/American Express

This book shows an approach that salespeople who hate pressure and force and rejection can use to get more appointments in less time and with less emotional stress on themselves. This is the civilized way to prospect.

    Carter Knapp
    Vice President
    Member Services and Former National Director of Training
    Realty World

We're enjoying wonderful success following Bill's system. his revolutionary book should be required reading for anyone in sales."

    Michael E. Fitzpatrick
    Agency Manager
    The Equitable Financial Services

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