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Gorilla Version

I have listed below some courses we can offer. Please vote Yes for any course that you or a member of your team would like to participate in. Please note: All courses listed below will be given live. Many will be recorded and archived for later playback. None require you to leave your office, go anywhere, or pay extra money.

Unless otherwise noted, all courses are approximately one hour in length.

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Monthly Drip:
RR Staff
Planning Your Monthly Drip: This is a three-week course in which we take you step-by-step through planning a full set of Monthly Drip Campaigns.
You Don't Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression: An overview of different kinds of letters and when to use and not use: window envelopes, digitized signatures, portraits, and digitized letterhead.
Find the Money--Established Users: A three-week course of one of the best campaigns ever. We have a second version designed to find additional data, such as birth dates of kids, grandkids, and additional money and referrals through these avenues.

Contact Management:
RR Staff
Contact Management for RRs: What data you need, what you don't, documentation strategies, and saving your business.
Lead Processing: (2.x only) How to keep track of different kinds of leads.

RR Staff
Seminars Step-by-Step: A three-week course in which we plan, activate, and implement one or more seminar campaigns.

Staff Issues:
RR Staff
What is the Bill Good Marketing System? An orientation course for new staff.
How Do I Find Stuff On the Web? A tour of the awesome System resources available.
Hiring the Right CO: How to recruit, interview, and train.
Do I Have the Right Person For My SA? This is the course for you if you have any second thoughts.

Jump Start: A Four-Week Course To Help You Implement Gorilla Basics
RR Staff
Jump Start 1: Quiet the Troops/Make Some Money: Get a tour of the Handholding resources in the Letters Library. This will help quiet the troops. Run the Statement Review Campaign to get Clients calling in.
Jump Start 2: Find the Money--There's Money Out There. This is a review of what you already know but it probably worked so well that you quit doing it.
Jump Start 3: Increase Your Referral Business Without Asking for Referrals.
Jump Start 4: This one is right at the heart of Gorilla. It will include Ira Walker's remarks at Users' Conference on the Model Day.

Drill for Skill:
RR Staff
Filling Out Record Update Forms: The foundation for so much in Gorilla is accurate data. In this course, we have five scenarios. We fill out a record update form on each and show you how to update it.

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