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In this white paper, you will learn why some partnerships work and, very importantly, you will learn the three main reasons why they fail. Knowing this vital information, you can make a better decision to start one, fix one, or perhaps end one.

VIRTUAL TEAMS How to run a business from anywhere in the world

Tom Mullooly is a long-time BGM client. He's an RIA in New Jersey. But it really does not matter where he is because he is a "Virtual Gorilla." Learn how he can have a full team and never see them.

Close a Higher Percentage of Prospects

This really does not have anything to do with team building, but just in case you are not closing 50% of the prospects who sit down in front of you, you need to understand that there are really three ways to open more new client relationships: Have more prospects, Have Better Prospects, Close a Higher Percentage. This link takes you straight to Bill's white paper, "The Good Way to Sell." There you will learn how to structure a sales presentation for maximum results.

Call us about your biggest

We will show you how the Office Management Component part of the Bill Good Marketing System can help you.

How much should you pay?  How should you interview and hire? 

What are the four biggest mistakes you can make?

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