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Welcome to the Keeping Track of Stuff web resource. Along with an Excel worksheet and a White Paper, Bill has also produced 3 tutorial videos to learn how to fully utilize this application.

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The Bill Good Marketing System helps you stay organized, keep track of and get things done. If you want to know how the system can better organize your business, please call Jill Webster at 888.495.7303.

Gorilla Testimonials
Prospecting Success:
"Things are going very well. I have opened more accounts in the last two months than I have in the last three years. The team is working together well and we just hired another person to help us with the prospecting efforts to take it to the next level. Our retention rate is very good (thank goodness) and we're working to keep it that way. So things are good!"

Referral Success:
John in Phoenix received a referral 18 months ago. John has consistently sent monthly letters to that referral for the last 18 months. Finally, the lady physically walked into his office. She not only closed a deal, but she brought in all of the letters. She had saved every single letter that she had received. She brought them all in at one time, and she specifically said it was because of the contact that she was doing business.

Prospecting Success:
"I came on board in 1994. I was only producing about $70,000 per year. Now our team has almost 1,500 clients. We're close to $1 million. We're very appreciative for all you have done."

Seminar Success:
In April of this year, Kevin M. said that it was his best month ever. In fact, it's almost double his previous best ever. When asked why, he attributed it partially to the Seniors seminars he's been doing. He said that the Bill Good Marketing System® gives him "the ability to follow up." He also said he knows he would not be where he is without the System.

Prospecting Success:
Randy came onto the System in 2000. Since then he has doubled production, added staff, moved into a new office, and added a strategic partner, a CPA with whom he shares space. The System really does work.

Organizational Success:
Donald C. said: "I can't believe how many years I have wasted trying to generate the operational and resource enhancements provided by Gorilla® on an on-going basis. "We have better records and we get more communication to more channels on a regular basis than ever possible using prior client relationship management programs."

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