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September 7-8 in Dallas, Texas
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What You'll Learn

Why the wealthy don't need you, and what to do about it.

Why you treat the high net worth very differently from the "average investor."

Why the high-net-worth investor will hire you to manage a portion of their portfolio.

How the high-net-worth investor will test you.

What are the three questions the high-net-worth investor must have answered in order to do business with you?

What should you say when a high-net-worth prospect asks you to do something?

What should you say when a high-net-worth investor asks for your business card?

Why you never position yourself as a financial planner.

The three biggest mistakes you will make in dealing with high-net-worth investors, and how to avoid them.

How to act in the presence of high-net-worth investors.

How to market to people with a mutual interest.

What is the magic question to ask when it's time to put some cash in the market?

Why you need big bait to catch big fish, and what is the bait.

What team do you need to manage a high-net-worth clientele?

What role do your small accounts play in creating a high-net-worth clientele?

As you move up the investor food chain, what kind of broker should you hire to manage your smaller accounts?

What do you do when a high-net-worth client won't do what you want?

What are the six different types of wealthy investors and how do you deal with each?

How do you build your suspect list? How big should it be? How do you move the suspect to prospect, and then to client?

Who are your top 200? Your top 50? Your top 20?

Why do you need several different fountain pens?

What color scheme should you use in your seminar invitations?

What is the key to getting a high-net-worth investor to attend your seminar?

Go Where the Money Is
Mike Robertson has had a 16-million-dollar year, a 4-million-dollar month and a1.8-million-dollar day.

Join us for a two day course where Mike will share all of his secrets used to capture assets in the ultra high-net-worth market. You will have the opportunity to sit down with him one-on-one to discuss your specific business and any marketing and/or sales challenges you might have. This is a highly individualized coaching forum. But it doesn't end there. You also get Mike as your personal coach for one full year!

Mike is convinced, "This is a great time to be in this business. In the next twelve months advisors have an opportunity to raise more money than EVER before in the history of the financial services industry." Join us and find out why!

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More About Mike
There is an old saying that "Some people are doers, others teach." In Mike Robertson you have both. He has done it, continues to do it, and now for the first time is willing to teach what he knows.

Mike has been a top industry producer for more than three decades. And he continues to produce today. In one month he has closed a 58-million-dollar account and raised more than 62 million dollars in new assets. Yes, that's right, in just one month.

His first high-net-worth client was a son-in-law of one of the Hunts. That led to an account with the Hunt family. He got this account in 1977.

Other accounts with names you would recognize followed.

In 1990, Mike developed a seminar format that did, and does attract high-net-worth attendees. Mike estimates that he has raised $800 million from this seminar. The $58 million account he opened in January 2009 was from a seminar lead.

According to Mike, "There is no way for this seminar to fail unless you are an extremely poor presenter." His seminars follow a proven format that wealthy people love. If you like to talk to people and are good at keeping the conversation moving, you will excel at this approach. But keep in mind, the seminar just helps you find them. You have to know what to present, how to close them, and how to manage them after you get them.

EMAIL Jill Olsen

or call 800.678.1480 ext 1298
435.619.3203 (cell)

At a Glance
Who Should Attend?
Are you already in the high net worth market, or trying to get in? Are you looking for an opportunity to build or rebuild your AUM? This is for you. Don't think about it too long. This event will sell out!

What Happens?
"I will teach you everything you need to know to work with high net worth individuals - how to find them, get to them, talk to them, and close them!" -Mike Robertson

The magic of Mike's High Net Worth Seminar. It's 7 minutes long. How to identify the genuinely high net worth individuals in your community. (High net worth of $10 million or more.) Exactly how to get people to attend. How he selects his managers. His sales process.

(Includes breakfasts and lunches and dinner Friday night together.)

The Adolphus Hotel
1321 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75202

Call Jill for special pricing for sleeping rooms: 800-678-1480, ext. 1298 or 435-619-3203 (cell)