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You personally do not document every contact and contact attempt with a client or prospect. (Go ahead. Admit it. You get calls stacked up and you miss some.)

During meetings, you take notes on yellow paper, file the notes and never or rarely look at them again. (What good they are?)

You do not know the four requirements set by FINRA 2310 for an investment to be suitable. (Attorneys that plow this field do know them.)

Resource Pages

Seminar Success Zone
Learn the six stats which when managed correctly put you in the zone.

Crisis Management
Get a free handholding letter to help you with the next crisis.

Surefire Client Retention
Before you prune your book, read the case against it here. Also, pick up your FREE copy of the Client Retention Formula.

Surefire Team Development
Pick up your white paper on team building here. It covers all the essential jobs and who should do them.

Take the Referral Challenge
Are you still asking for referrals? Think you should? Don’t even think about it. Here you can pick up your copy of “Referrals Happen.”