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Triple Double
Can you still double production? Can you do it twice? Even three times? In this webinar, you will learn the answers are "Yes," "Yes" and "Yes."

From $0 to $100 Million AUM in two years.
Seminars do work today. You can raise $100 M in 2 years. Let Joe Johnson and Bill Good tell you how.

Referrals Without Asking
Lee Davis joins Bill Good to explain how he gets over 80 "real referrals" a year without asking

Land Speed Record
Pay close attention as Bryan Sarff, Kal Dulku and Bill Good explore how one team launched a brand new business from a standing start. Complete this webinar and get copies of Bryan and Kal's seminar invitations.

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Bill Good presents Hot Prospects

Watch this short 2-minute video for an explanation of all the marketing materials you get with Bill's Book.

Hot Prospects Website Go to the website for Bill's latest book. There you will find information on coaching and sales training. There you can get and understanding of CRM. And yes, if you like, you can buy Bill's book from Amazon® or Barnes & Noble®.

Manage Your Sales Pipeline | Grow Your Business

The Sales Pipeline Is All of Your Future Business. Take Good Care Of It.

One of the most important things in financial advisor marketing is to not lose track of the leads you have generated, and in fact make certain a decent percentage of them close.

This entire activity is financial advisor sales pipeline management.

There are four phases in the pipeline. In the perfect world, a prospect responds to a campaign or gets referred (Lead Generation). He or she requests some info, has some questions, maybe asks for more info and then sets an appointment (Lead Development).

The sale begins when the prospect walks into the office (Sales). On a first meeting, you do a deep profile of the prospect, set a second appointment, prepare a proposal, and present it in the 2nd meeting. The prospect readily agrees.

Now we introduce the new client to our team, explain the statements, take them on a tour of the website, and most importantly, stay in very close touch during the asset transfer process (Red Carpet).

Sales Pipeline: Rules and Exceptions

Sometimes it works that way. Sometimes not.

You need to know how it's supposed to work.

And what the exceptions are.

Let's start with some real help.

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Here is everything you wanted to know about the sales pipeline. 82 minutes. Long, but packed.

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