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SOFASOFA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, educational speaker's bureau. Over the last 14 years we have been invited into over 300 companies and organizations to provide free educational workshops for their employees and people of the community. Topics included: financial planning, real estate, home financing, health & wellness, taxes and estate planning.

CIS Marketing CIS Marketing is recognized as the industry leader in the creation, implementation and administration of cost efficient prospecting, recruiting and direct mail programs for financial companies.

They have set the standard for the list industry. Their lists more accurately identify prospects with the need and wherewithal to purchase financial products because they use over 50 criteria to specialize their lists to target your financial prospect needs. Their network of proprietary sources allows them to offer more than 500 different prospect lists which has helped them to raise the concept of target marketing to an art form.

Founded in 1976, CIS has processed more than 245,000 list orders, mailed more then 220,000,000 financial offers and designed and mailed in excess of 50,000,000 seminar invitations for their customers. Their representatives speak with more than 1,000 financial advisors each day giving them an unparalleled insight into which prospect lists, marketing methods and financial products are generating today's sales, and why!

Approximately 80% of their business is repeat or generated by referrals. Many of the hundreds of lists they offer are not available elsewhere, having been modeled on actual buyers of financial products, making them significantly more responsive than lists from other sources with similar sounding names.

Bill Good Marketing has been using CIS marketing for over eighteen years. They have always delivered a market-tested product with guaranteed accuracy.

Dalbar The DALBAR® Suite of Programs for Financial Professionals helps financial professionals protect and grow clients' wealth.

The serious responsibility of protecting and growing clients' wealth requires that financial professionals devote full attention to their clients' needs. At the same time, running a business means developing and deploying strategies to grow profitability.

The DALBAR Suite of Programs for Financial Professionals consists of a series of important and actionable initiatives that build your business while you concentrate on the responsibility you took on: protecting and growing clients' wealth.

The DALBAR Suite includes the following programs:

  • The Rating Program provides qualifying financial professionals with a DALBAR Rating - a distinctive mark of quality that differentiates them as outstanding in meeting client needs. The DALBAR Rating Program is based on client opinions of the financial professional in the areas of trust, financial performance, satisfaction with services, and quality of advice. Financial professionals use their DALBAR Rating to maintain and expand their client base.
  • The Practice Management Program helps financial professionals increase the value of their practice by expanding relationships with current clients, gaining more referrals, promoting practice strengths and improving practice weaknesses.
  • The Client Acquisition Program provides financial professionals with access to 4 million on-line consumers who visit Microsoft's web site through an interactive on-line referral service that allows financial professionals to expand their business with the specific types of clients they are best suited to serve.

Dorsey, Wright & Associates Dorsey, Wright & Associates® is an independent and privately owned registered investment advisory firm whose business includes two areas -- investment research services for numerous broker-dealers and large institutions around the world, and professional management of equity portfolios for investors.

Here are some of the tools available on their website, www.dorseywright.com, to give you a disciplined approach to investing in the stock market.

  • Point & Figure charts on over 7,000 stocks, which enable you to determine whether a stock is controlled by supply or demand.
  • Relative Strength charts on each stock. How is your security likely to perform relative to the broad market averages over the next four months and the next several years?
  • Access to over 7,000 mutual funds.
  • Portfolio Capabilities. Put in portfolios of stocks and with a click of a button, every day you will be kept abreast of any changes on a technical basis in your portfolio.
  • NYSE Bullish Percent indicator created by A.W. Cohen in 1955. Know if the offensive or defensive team is on the field and what plays to run depending on your field position.
  • Bullish Percent charts on over 40 sectors. Sectors rotate in and out of season just like the produce in the supermarket does. Know which sectors are coming into season and which sectors are going out of season.

Judy Diamond Associates, Inc. Since 1985,Judy Diamond Associates, Inc.® has set the standard for quality among prospecting lead providers. Their databases are important resources for anyone targeting the pension, group insurance, or affluent individual marketplaces.

How better to ensure that you'll be receiving accurate prospecting leads than to know that the contact information has been personal verified? Since their inception, Judy Diamond Associates has been doing just that. In order to create lists that are more accurate than those of their competitors, every year Judy Diamond representatives call all companies with over 100 participants in their pension or insurance plans to verify essential contact information. They pick up web addresses, fax numbers, names of HR Directors, CFOs, Risk Managers, Directors of Benefits etc.

Well acquainted with the needs of financial professionals, Judy Diamond Associates' knowledgeable sales staff will not only help you define your target market, but will also tailor a list to suit it. If your efforts require that your prospects be in a certain industry, of a certain employee size, of a certain age, or sponsoring a certain type of plan etc,-- they can create a custom database to fit your criteria. In doing so, Judy Diamond Associates gives you the highest opportunity to meet with success by giving you the most relevant leads for your marketing needs.

Research Magazine Since 1978, Research® Magazine has provided brokers with the information they need to make the right investment decisions with their clients - and achieve success in this competitive industry. In conjunction with the magazine, Research Magazine provides brokers FREE reprints of Corporate Profiles and Fact Sheets, giving them in-depth information on public companies to distribute to their clients. Research's reprint inventory is constantly updated and includes companies such as Intel, Merck and McDonald's. Research provides all of this, plus monthly articles and feature stories, with the goal of improving a broker's bottom line and client base.

SMMS For nearly 20 years, Successful Money Management Seminars, Inc., (SMMS)® has been a pioneer in personal financial education. Their courses have been offered in continuing education programs at over 1250 educational institutions and have been sponsored by more than 2500 corporations as an employee benefit. The SMMS instructor network of qualified financial advisors reaches across the United States and Canada, bringing financial education to over 2 million people.

SMMS is located in Tualatin, Oregon, just southwest of Portland, and currently has a staff of 130 associates, led by CEO and President John Wheat. These include business managers, financial advisors, research analysts, account representatives, customer service representatives, writers, editors, designers, and many others.

SMMS, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of ReliaStar Financial Corporation. Based on revenues, ReliaStar Financial Corp. is the 8th largest publicly held financial services holding company in the United States. It has $24.0 billion in assets under management and life insurance in force of $307.3 billion.

For more information on SMMS, click here (Adobe Acrobat required), or visit their website at sales.smms.com

Pavilion Planner Bill Good appears in the Pavilion® Event Center, interviewed by Karen Aroian on Pavilion Today. You can hear Bill Good's interview (you might want to print these instructions) by logging into the Planner Pavilion website with the following:

User ID: BillGoodguest
Password: Good
Secret key: Good

Once you log in to Planner Pavilion, click on the Event Center button. On the Event Center page, click on Directory, then on the hyperlink for guest. Finally, click on the link in Bill Good's bio that allows you to "view all events by this guest."

Click here to reach Pavilion, a new Web site for financial planners and their clients. Your computer should have a sound card, you should be driving Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or Netscape 4.05 or later browser with the RealAudio G2 or RealPlayer 7.0 plug-in. If you like this event, and you would like to see more, register as indicated in the Web site. Pavilion is a registered trademark of Amicus Partners LP, Pavilion Today is © 2000, All Rights Reserved by Amicus, Inc.

Kelty Estate Bed & Breakfast and Wedding Center, Lafayette, Oregon

Built in 1872 in historic Lafayette, the Kelty Estate B&B was built in the Colonial Revival style and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The proud white house with green trim is surrounded by lawns, gardens and two hundred year old native trees. Painstaking restoration has left the interior with a new feeling, while graceful architectural details and selected antiques recall another era.


Start your day of wine tasting or exploring Yamhill Valley with a hearty breakfast cooked like you wish you had every morning.

From "The Kelty," you can travel to the Coast, Mt. Hood or just enjoy local sights and be back in time for a glass of local wine with cheese, on the house.

Go out to dinner in one of the fine restaurants in the Valley and finally enjoy whatever followed by a wonderful sleep.

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