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Take the Referral Challenge

A "Real Referral" is a name volunteered by a client as someone needing the FA's advice.

If you ask, "Who do you know?", or any of the countless variations, and if the client gives you a name, you do not have a referral. You can call it a referral. You can call a dog a cat. But calling a name a referral most certainly do not make it a referral.

  1. What is your "Referral Deficit?" Answer some questions. We will tell you if your referral marketing is on the money or if you have a REFERRAL DEFICIT. The difference between the referrals you are receiving and what you should get is your REFERRAL DEFICIT. Find out what your referral deficit is.
  2. To fully understand Real Referrals, download, print, and study the FULL TEXT of Bill's Research Magazine article, "Referrals Happen." It's FREE.
  3. Now that you understand what the concept of "promoting referrals," take the referral challenge. Download and print "Creating a Referral Consciousness." Read it. Practice it. Call ten clients and DO IT. You WILL FIND at least one REAL REFERRRAL.
  4. As you promote referrals and track your results, be sure to evaluate your clients' goodness. Visit our section "Brace for Impact" and download my new spreadsheet called "Evaluating Client Goodness" from that page. Be sure to read my September 2010 Research Magazine article as well as the other resources on that page.

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Do you have a strategy to promote REAL REFERRALS?
How many different ways do you promote referrals?
Do you ask for referrals?
Do you always send a “Thank You “ letter to a client who have given you a referral?
Do you have a client relationship enhancement strategy?

To learn about our tested Referrals System Call 888-495-7303

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