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Planning Perfect Events

In my August 2010 Research Magazine article, "Planning Perfect Events," I promised you some documents to help in the planning process.

To download these documents, we will ask you for a bit of information. You then get a free account on our website with access to lots of freebies.

Before I tell you what I have for you, I would like to take just a second to tell you how the Gorilla CRM® System for Financial Advisors can help with your event management.

No matter what kind of event you are producing, it needs an invitation. We have 55 invitations to client appreciation events, client/guest seminars, and public seminars.

When you use one of our event modules, a good part of the planning is already done. The program itself will produce a Timeline. The critical checklists are all complete. Your job is to review the plan, fill out what we call a Campaign Order, and then show up for the event.

You can do all this work yourself, or you can outsource it to the people who invented the team concept in financial services. (Hint: that would be us.)

To find out if what we have and what you need are a good fit, call us at

OK, enough of my commercial.

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Here’s what I have for you: You can download all of these in one zip file here.

"The Checklist Solution" is my May 2010 article. It is required reading for any event planner. You should also buy and read the book I reviewed, "The Checklist Manifesto."

"How to Write an Invitation" describes each part of an invitation and gives some examples. It should help speed up the process for you.

"Job Descriptions" gives a summary of each of the important jobs necessary to produce perfect events.

"Facilities Inspection Checklist" is one of my favorites. It will help you develop zero tolerance for facility goofs.

"Meeting Room Size Calculator." In the dark on how big of a room to select? This will help.

"Facilities Checklist" is the checklist you use as you contact the facility and make the arrangements. It keeps all your notes in one place.

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