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Triple Double
Can you still double production? Can you do it twice? Even three times? In this webinar, you will learn the answers are "Yes," "Yes" and "Yes."

From $0 to $100 Million AUM in two years.
Seminars do work today. You can raise $100 M in 2 years. Let Joe Johnson and Bill Good tell you how.

Referrals Without Asking
Lee Davis joins Bill Good to explain how he gets over 80 "real referrals" a year without asking

Land Speed Record
Pay close attention as Bryan Sarff, Kal Dulku and Bill Good explore how one team launched a brand new business from a standing start. Complete this webinar and get copies of Bryan and Kal's seminar invitations.

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Bill Good presents Hot Prospects

Watch this short 2-minute video for an explanation of all the marketing materials you get with Bill's Book.

Hot Prospects Website Go to the website for Bill's latest book. There you will find information on coaching and sales training. There you can get and understanding of CRM. And yes, if you like, you can buy Bill's book from Amazon® or Barnes & Noble®.

Help your clients understand the impact of Obamacare!

Here is what some of our clients have had to say about the Obamacare letter:

I sent the Obamacare letter last week, to fantastic reviews from clients and prospects. One prospect in particular is a hospital administrator. This individual has been a prospect for several years and just now has reached out following the letter. He said that this letter is by far the best and most informative letter he has seen on the topic of the ACA, including the information that his hospital system is providing. He asked if he could distribute the letter to the hospital's clients and employees.

I just wanted to congratulate you on a job very well done on the Obamacare piece. Amazing! I know it took a ton of effort, and the end result is a clear and well-articulated but neutral point of view. We are sending this out to all of our clients and prospects.

Keep it up! And, thanks for all that you do.

I would like to commend you on the fabulous letter writing that is coming out of BGM's in-house letter writers. Specifically the "Obama Care" letter. That letter made things so easy to understand and explain to the clients - so thank you!

I sent out the Obamacare letter and have learned more from that single letter than from any other source. I have been trying for weeks to understand Obamacare so I can explain it to my clients and was really struggling, but Obamacare did it all for me. It is clear that a lot of time and research went into it.

I have had many clients thank me for sending the letter. One in particular said "This letter is so easy to understand. It cuts straight through all the opinions and gets right to the facts. You should be the First Vice President for writing something that great. They should give you a promotion!"

Click Here to read a copy of the original Obamacare Letter that our clients are raving about.

Because of the issues with the Obamacare website, we have updated the letter. We want to encourage you to send this letter to YOUR clients. Please register to download a version of the letter for your own use.

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You personally do not document every contact and contact attempt with a client or prospect. (Go ahead. Admit it. You get calls stacked up and you miss some.)

During meetings, you take notes on yellow paper, file the notes and never or rarely look at them again. (What good they are?)

You do not know the four requirements set by FINRA 2310 for an investment to be suitable. (Attorneys that plow this field do know them.)

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