Overview of the Gorilla CRM® System for Financial Advisors

Double your production or work half as much

The Bill Good Marketing System® is first and foremost a system. That means it combines many elements into a single unit. A car, for example, is a system for personal, motorized travel. An airplane is a system for air travel. The BGM System is a system to take you from where you are to where you want to go.

The System Defined

We define the System as: a computer-based, client marketing, prospecting and practice management system.

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Here's what we mean.

Computer-Based: We have a program but that's not what we sell.

Client Marketing: The total of all oral and written communications directed to one's clients.

Prospecting: Those promotional actions directed at non-clients intended to interest them sufficiently to begin the sales process.

Practice Management: The systems and support staff necessary to perform the non-sales activities of a financial services practice.

  • Program seamlessly integrates contact management, advanced messaging, campaign management, team coordination.
  • Unparalleled system of "title logic" enabling you to correctly address your clients. Ever wondered how to send a letter to "Dr. Fred Jones, MD" and "Dr. Elizabeth Smith, PhD" who are also a married couple? The program does it for you!
  • Track unlimited number of "alternate addresses".
  • Send a birthday letter to every member of the family and rest assured, no one gets the same letter as anyone else.
  • Establish and maintain business processes. When you have business processes, you no longer have to re-invent the wheel. When you get a referral, you handle it a certain way--every time. When you get a new prospect, he or she is handled a certain way. In our program, we have created over 60 processes that you can tailor to your operation.
Client Marketing
  • Retention: We first focus on client retention because "keeping what you've got" is the first responsibility of any business.
  • Business Now: Our clients are our major source of revenue. We have developed proven techniques to find those clients ready to do business NOW.
  • Business in the Future: No one is close to our abilities to help you find future business, stay in touch and be there when the client (or prospect!) has an investment decision to make.
  • Promote Referrals: We do not believe in asking your clients for referrals. It puts them on the spot and makes you uncomfortable.
  • Instead, we teach you how to promote referrals. Our objective is simple: create a "referral consciousness" so that when a referral to a financial advisor is appropriate, your clients will think of you.
  • To help accomplish these objectives, we offer:
Monthly Drip Campaign:
  • A procedure that makes certain every client receives a letter every month about something the client is interested in; some months, the letter is intended to generate business or find future business.
  • 90-Day No Contact Campaign: A procedure that ensures every client receives a phone call from someone in your office at least four times a year.
  • Dozens of Etiquette Letters: Few things help sustain your identity as a "caring, well-mannered person" better than those letters your mother would have wanted you to send. We literally have dozens of these, even a "Pet Condolence" letter.
  • Letters Library® with 2,900 messages. We know most financial advisors are not good writers. We also know it is vital your name be in front of your clients at least once a month. We also know that at this time in this industry, physical letters, not just email, are vital.
  • Kiss residential cold calling goodbye. You never wanted to do it in the first place. Now you can't. Besides, there are better ways to prospect.
  • Relationship Campaigns: Obviously, the preferred way to build a business is through relationships. We have five relationship campaigns, tested and ready to go.
  • Mass Marketing Campaigns: If you don't have enough relationships, you are either a mass marketer or you are not hitting your goal for new clients and new assets. So we have developed three mass marketing campaign styles and dozens of ways to implement them. If you can speak in front a group, you should be doing seminars. Or, try one of our Direct Mail campaigns. Got more time than money to spend? Fire up our Mail/Phone Campaign to businesses. Instead of having to develop these campaigns yourself, you spend a few hours learning how to run them. Literally save hundreds of hours instead of doing it yourself."
Practice Management

We define "practice management" as "the people and processes necessary to enable the FA to delegate all non-sales and non-advice functions."

We have a structured plan to help you build the team that will take you to, or keep you at high six or seven figures.

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Double Production

The goal of our system is "Double production or work half as much." The question for you is, "Can it work for me?" We invite you to look through our website, read our white papers, and watch some videos. But sooner or later you will have a question that needs a personal answer.

This is the time to call Jill.

Jill Webster, 888-495-7303

She will answer your questions, provide references, and send you any additional information you require.

Follow these steps to learn more:

When people talk about "the System", what are they really talking about? Download our success book.

Call Jill Webster at 888-495-7303 to request references. She will give you some names of people doing your kind of business in your kind of market.

Converting to fees? Check out our White Paper on Transitioning to Fees.

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Prospecting Success:
"Things are going very well. I have opened more accounts in the last two months than I have in the last three years. The team is working together well and we just hired another person to help us with the prospecting efforts to take it to the next level. Our retention rate is very good (thank goodness) and we're working to keep it that way. So things are good!"

Referral Success:
John in Phoenix received a referral 18 months ago. John has consistently sent monthly letters to that referral, for the last 18 months. Finally, the lady physically walked into his office. She not only closed a deal, but she brought in all of the letters. She had saved every single letter that she had received. She brought them all in at one time, and she specifically said it was because of the contact that she was doing business.

Prospecting Success:
"I came on board in 1994. I was only producing about $70,000 per year. Now our team has almost 1,500 clients. We're close to $1 million. We're very appreciative for all you have done."

Seminar Success:
In April of this year, Kevin M. said that it was his best month ever. In fact, it's almost double his previous best ever. When asked why, he attributed it partially to the Seniors seminars he's been doing. He said that the Bill Good Marketing System® gives him "the ability to follow up." He also said he knows he would not be where he is without the System.

Prospecting Success:
Randy came onto the System in 2000. Since then he has doubled production, added staff, moved into a new office, and added a strategic partner, a CPA with whom he shares space. The System really does work.

Organizational Success:
Donald C. said: "I can't believe how many years I have wasted trying to generate the operational and resource enhancements provided by Gorilla® on an on-going basis. "We have better records and we get more communication to more channels on a regular basis than ever possible using prior client relationship management programs."

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