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Financial Advisors Marketing: Keep the Pipeline Moving

My May 2011 Research Magazine article, "Managing the Pipeline," dealt with keeping the pipeline moving. All of your financial advisor marketing is wasted if you do not relentlessly track each sales lead. Keep each one moving.

In "Managing the Pipeline," I showed you how to use what a client or prospect deeply wants to keep the pipeline moving. But I did not deal with how to capture that information.

I said, "Sometimes, the person knows exactly what he or she is trying to accomplish. But if I have any question that it might be something else, I will cycle back and re-ask the question, sometimes several times." I then referred you to this page. Here I have a set of tools, not only to find out what your clients and prospects really want, but to help move the sale through to a timely, profitable conclusion.

Financial Advisors Training

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The bad news: It’s 35 pages long.
The good news: You’ll have all the tools you need.

Financial Sales Leads: You Need to Know What to Do with Them

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The Good Way to Sell will show you:

  1. The Core Selling Skills
    Here you will get an overview of the six selling skills you must master.
  2. The Profile: Your Single Most Powerful Sales Tool.
    Your most valuable tool is the sales profile. A good profile correctly executed will discover the vital data you need to keep the pipeline moving.
  3. Building a Great Sales Proposal
    To build a great sales proposal, you better know what one is. You will learn that here.
  4. Why and How to Educate the Client
    With "educational selling," you rarely have to close. Learn why not.
  5. Profiling the 22 Dimensions of an Investor
    Take this information and craft your own sales profile.
  6. What You Need to Know (About a Client and How You Find It Out)
    This is the ultimate CYA. Learn what you need to be compliant with FINRA 2310, and how to find out.
  7. Profile Wrap Up
    Dig deeper into profile design.
  8. The Magic Sequence
    This is the "Good Way" to get a sale closed.