Number 1 System
The Good Way to Sell
Sept 16 in Hauppauge, NY

The Extra Goodies

One of the things that sets Bill’s seminars apart from any other that you attend is that you receive actual materials you can put to use immediately.

You will receive the following sales materials:

1) Staging the Office
A checklist to create the optimum selling environment.

2) Appointment Preparation Checklist
You need to be ready for the appointment with zero loose ends.

3) Detailed Coaching
On how to create the most important document in the “credentials kit.”

4) Client Profile
The most comprehensive profile ever developed in the industry. Questions are the answer!!

5) References Template
It needs to look a certain way.

6) Proposal
Your recommendations need to look good. But you need to also be able to prepare them quickly.

The "Good Way to Sell" is a step by step process intended to increase desire of a client or prospect to own the benefits of your product or service to the point the desire outweighs fear of change and a sale is made.

It starts with that all-important first impression, blends into the selling environment in the office, and fades gently into the most in-depth profiling you have ever experienced, and from there into preparation of a written proposal.

Obviously, you need to present the recommendation, and there is a “good way” to do that. Very importantly, you will need to know how to answer questions. It’s here, in the question-answering step, that you will receive your clue on when to close.

And then obviously, you slide into a gentle close.

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