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It Makes Your Clients and Prospects Think of You
Tuesday, January 19th, 4:15 EST

Question: What makes your clients think of YOU? What makes your prospective clients think of you over any other financial advisor?

Answer: It's your identity that makes you different. "Identity" is how you are perceived.  If you are no different than the other 420 advisors that come up in a local Google® search, you have a problem, even an "identity crisis."

Bill Good Marketing® is the leader in marketing (that's why it's part of our name). For over 26 years we have aided financial advisors in promoting, branding, and creating unique niche markets.

Bill Good himself will be featured and will host this special conference call on:

"Differentiating Your Practice"

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In this conference call, you will learn:

  • Three laws that determine name recognition.
  • How to build the right identity with clients and prospects.
  • How many names you need of people who know who you are.
  • The laws of successful dripping.
  • The importance of personalized messaging and correspondence.

"As a keynote speaker and writer, Bill has delivered over a thousand seminars and keynote speeches, written 300 articles for Research Magazine (and more than 1,000 other articles for other publications), and of course, authored his first book Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success in print since 1986.  His new book, Hot Prospects, was released in August 2008 by Scribner."