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Triple Double
Can you still double production? Can you do it twice? Even three times? In this webinar, you will learn the answers are "Yes," "Yes" and "Yes."

From $0 to $100 Million AUM in two years.
Seminars do work today. You can raise $100 M in 2 years. Let Joe Johnson and Bill Good tell you how.

Referrals Without Asking
Lee Davis joins Bill Good to explain how he gets over 80 "real referrals" a year without asking

Land Speed Record
Pay close attention as Bryan Sarff, Kal Dulku and Bill Good explore how one team launched a brand new business from a standing start. Complete this webinar and get copies of Bryan and Kal's seminar invitations.

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Crisis Management In my 2008 column in Research Magazine, I promised you a free Handholding Message.

The message I have chosen is called "The Long View." You can use it in a crisis situation or as a "drip letter" to educate your clients that when a crisis hits (or continues,) the worst thing they can do is panic sell.


Download “The Long View.”
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Part of crisis management is having a client retention strategy in place.  You also need to abandon the idea of getting rid of small clients.

“Survival Strategy #1: Keep What You’ve Got.”  This lays out the ten points in our Client Relationship Retention Formula.

“Case Against Book Pruning” This is the series of Research Magazine articles run since 1992 fighting against the idea that you build your business by getting rid of clients.

When you download these white papers and letter, we will ask you for a bit of information.
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How does your crisis management strategy stack up? Your Answer BGM System User
On the day of a crisis, you get a message out to your clients, first by email, then fax, then letter for those who do not have or read their email.
You have educated your clients in advance that investors have historically underperformed with investments by buying high and selling low.
Your entire team gets on the phone and calls clients using talking points to insure every client gets your message.
When you have taken care of clients, you mail and call your prospects.


Crisis Management for Financial Advisors

Probably the worst thing a financial advisor can do is stop promoting.

When you stop your seminars, direct mail, cold calling, or even cold walking, you begin to slip from people’s minds.  Soon you disappear completely.

One key piece of the Bill Good Marketing System® is prospecting.

At the 50,000-foot level, we have a strategy.  We can help you develop referrals from clients and strategic partners.  We can help you “clone your best clients.”  We can help you with people you know that you would like to do business with but cannot solicit directly.

And yes, we can help you with mass marketing—seminars, direct mail, and cold calling.

We would love to show you what we can do. 

But if you know that spending a few thousand dollars to put a system in place is not in the cards, order my book, Hot Prospects.

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