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Contact Strategy

Perhaps your focus is marketing to high net worth individuals. All you need is 50 clients.

Perhaps you are just getting started and you are cold calling.

Or maybe you are prospecting mass affluent investors.

Whatever your cup of tea, you need a contact strategy. Without one, you will overlook key groups. You will inadvertently ignore important clients and prospects.

You have heard it said countless times, "Sales is a contact sport."

But do you have a contact strategy? Is your database properly segmented so that you can implement a contact strategy?


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Can you send a message to all of your retirees over the age of 75? ? YES
Can you identify your referral networks and tell at a glance that Hyrum referred Albert who referred Cynthia who referred your biggest client, Velda? ? No problem
Can you easily NOT send a message to someone who just received a different message? ? Simple
Can you quickly pull a calling list of everyone who is invested with a particular fund or fund company? ? Give me a couple of minutes
Can you tell at a glance who has not been called? ? Absolutely

Do You Make These Mistakes in Your Contact Strategy?

Your best client slips through the hated cracks and doesn't get a call for four months.

Your letters and emails are only addressed to the husband.

You only send email.

Free Two Year Marketing Plan

As commissions trend down and the trend to fees accelerates, to maintain or expand your standard of living you need to manage more assets and maintain a larger client base than ever before. Giving up clients is not an option. To survive, you need a plan.

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Is it possible to double your business in two years?

Do you have a referral deficit?

Do you have a client marketing deficit?

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