Cold Calling

No Stats on Cold Calling?

You can play "what if" all you want with made-up stats.

Best bet: keep stats for a few weeks, come back and use the real ones.

To give you a hand, I have created a set of cold calling stat sheets for you. Download Cold Calling Stats Worksheet here.

Cold Calling Success Zones

To fully understand the concept of success and failure zones, you should first print and study my Research Magazine article, "Cold Calling Success Zones." It's here.

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The cold calling success zone is a set of 6 prospecting and selling stats. If any one stat is too much out of "the zone," you can't get there from here. It will require more time than you can possibly commit.

As you play "what if," keep your eyes on these three stats:

If you run out of time, you have to improve one or more of these areas:

1. Prospecting skills (Cherries per hour)

2. Appointment setting skills (Cherries needed to get 1 Hot Prospect)

3. Preparation skills (Hours preparing for 2nd appointments)

4. Interviewing skills (Average assets per new household)

5. Presentation skills (Hours per first appointment, Hours per second appointment)

6. Closing skills (Hot Prospects needed to make 1 sale)

Sometimes, as you will see, just a little change in 1-6 can greatly reduce the time it takes to make your goal.

Suggestion: Develop your own real world stats. Then come back and play "what if" again.

The Failure and Success Zones

We created two "baseline" failure zones. Each assumes your annual goal is $5 million in AUM from prospects. The first assumes the average size of assets brought in the first year is $100,000. The stats in this zone require 71 hours per week of prospecting and selling.

The second assumes average asset size of $500,000 per new household. This requires 109 hours per week (allowing 3 hours per day for sleep and other activities!)

To Play "What If?"

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