Sales Assistant Boot Camp Testimonials

Brant Shrimplin

Coming in to Bootcamp I didn't know what to expect. I was hoping to strengthen my sales skills so I could come back and improve the overall performance of our practice. Bootcamp provided me all of the necessary tools to come home and instantly improve production. The materials exposed the common problems we were facing, and explained how to overcome those problems.

The class was taught in an open forum, where student participation was not only encouraged, but required as well. I learned a great deal of information and techniques from my peers. We were able to bounce ideas off each other, which helped me understand all of the different ways to run a successful brokerage team. Coz, our instructor for the week, was one of the most influential speakers I have ever heard. He taught at a pace that was conducive to all students, while pausing to focus on individual problems and concerns. Bootcamp taught me concepts that I will reflect back on for many years to come. If you are on the fence about attending Bootcamp, I would tell you to stop wasting time and get scheduled as soon as possible. After attending, I now realize I couldn't afford to wait another week to get started with these new techniques.

Ryan Norr

I just wanted to thank you for really opening my eyes this past week at boot camp. To be totally honest, I had no idea what to expect, coming into the week. I thought there were going to be as many as 50 to 100 of us there and that it was just going to be a cattle call with you speaking and dictating to us. Boy was I wrong, and so glad that it wasn't like that. The way you reached out to us on a personal and more intimate level made the learning process much better. Plus, with your personality, and the way you handled it, created a much more comfortable environment.

It was difficult for me because I am new to the Gorilla system and the business in general, so I was a little intimidated at first by being less experienced in the business and of the system. However, the first day of training on wed and reviewing the system was helpful so I got a chance to see some of things that Gorilla can do. I know it was quick and a lot of information to consume in such a short amount of time, but it still gave me a good idea of what it can do.

I believe you really hit the nail on the head with the material that you stressed and went over with us in class. I really took to the prospecting strategies and ideas in the new era. I came in thinking to really take in as much as I can and that see what best suits my company and then implement what I can into our approach here. From that I also believe that the material on promoting referrals was informative and knowledgeable. We work off referrals; however, we do not promote them at all. My RR never asks for them. So slowly, but surely, with Gorilla, we will start promoting them.

Thirdly, I really am going to implement a drip system of some sort. It's huge for us to maintain the clients that we have, and a simple mailer to keep in touch with them may be the answer in some cases. In addition, we are not as organized as we could be, so I am really going to take some time learning the system to help us succeed and perform to our potential.

I just wanted to thank you and everybody at BGM once again. You all were very warming and welcoming, and professional at the same time. I really felt that you cared. It made it so much easier and encouraging to be there. I also want to thank you for putting this group together. Just as I'm sure
the others feel, I felt lucky to be apart of the group and that it was awesome to have met them and connected with them. I really enjoyed my time there.

Steve Troutman

Before I came I really did not know what to expect. I was surprised to find people attending the seminar that never really used Gorilla before. The first day was a slight overview for me. I am familiar with the software; but have only implemented a small fraction of the life of a gorilla user. It is much more then just a piece of software, there are a lot of actions that the whole team has to physically do.

The thing I enjoyed the most was how to talk on the phone.

I have realized before I attended that your client base should be used as one of your top resources for new business. Not only with existing assets that we do not have under management, but for sucking in new referrals as well. That is the biggest thing I am going to push right now; promoting referrals.

Also, I do not feel that our firm prospects heavy enough. We just rely on referrals that are not promoted heavily, and people coming in from our various means of advertisement; have it be mass mailings or movie commercials at our local theatre. We have never cold called call people which is hard now considering the DNC list. However, business prospecting is still a means of getting new business that I would really like to utilize now.

Mandy Noble

To me, Boot Camp was something that I was not looking forward to. But from the first step into BGM, it was completely different than what I had expected. Everyone is so pleasant and willing to help with any question or concern. Class was structured, but there was room for suggestions, comments, and in-put from anyone in the classroom. Everyday was filled with activities, classroom discussion and hands-on training that were all helpful and beneficial. I learned so much about running campaigns, marketing and promoting referrals and came back with so many ideas. I didn't even know where to begin implementing what I had learned. Coming back into the office and meeting with my RR was such an exciting time. He had invested a lot to send me and I felt that I returned with more than he had paid for.

I would definitely recommend that you wait and come to SA Boot Camp once you're familiar with the Gorilla system. I had been using the system for about four months and that helped me tremendously in understanding what was going on. The best thing that I took away from boot camp was more confidence. I was so frightened of having to "cold call" and have my calls recorded and played in front of everyone. Everyone was in the same boat though - no one was picked on or singled out. Everyone participated and everyone learned from each other's good calls and bad calls. That was such a great feeling once it was over and knowing that you gained confidence and knowledge.

Also, getting to meet the people that I talk to on the phone and get answers from in the chat room was helpful. I would tell anyone that boot camp is a positive experience and one that you will never forget. I know I won't!

Tom De Marco

I simply wanted to let you and everyone over at Bill Good Marketing know how well received the SA boot camp was. I must admit that being in the business for some time I was quite weary of how much value this training would have. In a relatively short time an enormous wealth of material was covered in an enjoyable manner and not in the "boot camp" style as expected. The class atmosphere was exceptional and I cannot overstress the value of being able to spend more time on areas the entire class found valuable. I was extremely appreciative of being able to voice my questions and comments and have you add in small bits of material as per our request. The strategies presented for un-tapping the wealth within our own books as the numerous referral tactics would have been enough to make the training worth while alone. Coz Green is an exceptional speaker, motivator, and coach. Anyone else fortunate enough to have Coz as an instructor/speaker will reap the benefits for years.

Andy Shermoen

Coz, I truly appreciate the material that you and the rest of the class contributed to the SA Boot Camp. I was expecting another "business building idea," however, what I received was the complete opposite. It was actually an interactive, participant driven class that shared strategies and tactics that are proven to work in the financial services industry. From your excellent instruction and motivational inspiration to the detailed analysis and group discussions, there was never a dull moment. My four days at Boot Camp provided me with an increased knowledge of BGM and excellent ideas to help us with client development and retention.

BGM is definitely in a class by itself for building a successful financial services business and the SA Boot Camp provided me knowledge to get the most out of BGM for our team. I'd recommend you to anyone.

Thomas Barnes

I thought sales assistant boot camp was an overall success! To be perfectly honest, I don't think there are many things that I would change about the program. I really enjoyed the computer training. Overall I really enjoyed the group, your style of teaching, and the way class operated. I would recommend this course to anyone.

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