Bill Good Marketing Internet Radio

Instructions and Help
Please click here to join the radio broadcast

First time users, please review the steps below to be able to participate in the Bill Good Marketing online Internet Radio and chat forums.

Log into the BGM website. (If you are a first-time visitor, you will need to register first.) For your convenience, links to "login" and "register" are located in the upper left hand corner of every screen. If you have not logged in, click here to login now.

There are currently two audio feeds available. Select one of the following and test it before the scheduled radio broadcast.

1. To test the Real Player audio feed:

  •  Make sure you have Real Player 8 or higher installed. If you are unsure, click here to do an audio test.
  •  If you find that you need Real Player, click here. It's free.
  •  If you need help configuring your Real Player to receive our audio feed, click here.

2. To test the MP3 feed:

Please click here to try to tap into the MP3 feed.

If you have logged in, and your audio test is completed, you are ready to listen to BGM Radio. Go to If the broadcast is private, you will be prompted to enter the broadcast password.

To register for live broadcasts, go to the schedule, pick a broadcast, and click on "register for this event". Fill out the simple registration form.

To listen to archived broadcasts, go to the archive section and pick a broadcast. Archived broadcasts start only when you select them, so you don't miss a single second!

We are working on an alternate feed for those who are unable to access either of the audio feeds currently available.
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