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Best Practices

There really is a best way to do things. We know from long experience that the people who have implemented more best practices are the ones most likely to make it to the end of the rainbox.

The purpose of this page is: help you develop and deploy more best practices. As of February 2014, this page is updated to provide resources for the first article in this series, Take the Best Path to Advisor Success. If you found your way to this page without reading that article, start there.

These resources are available to registered uses of this website. If you are not registered you need to register here.

There are at least 7 categories of "best practices.

  1. ✓ Invest Wisely
  2. ✓ Prospect Constanly
  3. Manage Sales Pipeline
  4. Contol Time Allocation
  5. Present Ideas Persuasively
  6. Become or remain sole provider for all clients who follow advice
  7. Delegate all or most non-sales functions.

As these articles are published, I will be updating this this resource page and checking off the categories of best practice as we add resources.

Problem with Best Practices.

A problem with "Best Practices" is: there are a lot of them. No sooner do you deploy one than you forget another.

In my opinion, the best way deploy best practices is checklists. You might start your study of best practices with my article, "The Checklist Solution."

The categories of best practice and resources follow.

Invest Wisely

This is a best practice I cannot help you with because it is not my area of expertise. Investing is your craft. I will help you with the rest everything else.

Prospect Constantly

I recommend starting with our "Financial Advisor Prospecting Resource Page." Follow that with "How to Qualify A Prospect."

Cold Calling

Cold Calling Articles: 2000-2012. If you want to cold call or just have to do it, start here.
16 Best Cold Calling Scripts. These came from advisors all over the country. I judge these to be the best.

How To Win the Cold Calling Numbers Game: Explains the numbers that you must control to enjoy success in cold calling.
The 6 Cold Calling Skills Your Really Need. This article shows you how to get your cold calling stats in the "success zone."

Seminar Marketing

The Seminar Success Zone. Take an hour and listen to a recorded webinar I did with Joe Johnson. Then download my white paper, "Seminar Success Zone." This white paper shows you how to bring all of your seminar stats into "the zone."
Ten Seminar Secrets: Vital info for seminar producers.
Seminar Mistakes: Don't make these mistakes.


Referrals Happen
Making Referrals Happen

Do You Want to Get There Sooner?

Once I figured out that "more best practices" is THE SECRET to success, I focused the development on the Bill Good Marketing System on the identifying and deploying best practices. Today, my entire system is 158 best practices.

We have best prospecting strategies, best client marketing strategies and best team development best practices.

We give away strategy. A few people have been able to scour our website do a pretty good job of cobbling a system together. But the "do it yourself" method probably took them 1500 hours.

What we sell is execution and content. I will give you the theory of monthly drip. But the 2600 letters and emails, the campaigns, the training for you computer operator? That's what you get when you subscribe to my system.

If you want to get their sooner, call Jill Webster.