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Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize Winning Economist, said, "There is no such thing as a free lunch." Bill Good, non-Nobel Prize Winner said, "There is such a thing as a FREE two-year marketing plan." Get it here.


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Best of Bill Good

In my July article in Research Magazine, I celebrated my 20th anniversary writing for Research.  In that article, I promised you four booklets containing some of the “Best of Bill Good.” You will find them below. But before you go there, please take a minute and read the next few paragraphs. They will give you a bit of orientation on what we are all about.

Theory and Implementation

In December, 1986, I introduced what was really the first CRM System. It was (and is) an integrated system to help an FA build, and better run, a financial services business. It covered (and still does) everything you need except the investment component and accounting. 

Giving Away Theory

Somewhere after we launched “the system,” I decided that I would use my magazine articles to give away theory, but that we would sell implementation.

A lot of advisors have studied my writings very carefully, and have cobbled together their version of my system. Those of you who have finished the job know how intense system building is. 

My estimate is that you can take a computer program, add about 2,000 hours of your work, and come up with a computer-based, client marketing, prospecting, and office management system, which is what we sell.

All of which brings me around to the offer for the “Best of Bill Good.” 


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The Disciplined Prospector: Do Something Today. The business that is not growing is shrinking. To grow your business you need to do something every day. Some days do a lot. This selection from past articles will give you some ideas of what to do today.

Planning for Success. The person without a plan will wind up somewhere … and you probably won’t like it. These selections will give you some ideas on planning your business.

Referrals Happen. In my opinion, this is one of the most important articles I have ever written. It will explain why you should not ask for referrals, and what to do instead.

Surefire Team Development. This selection of articles gets into the nitty-gritty stuff like job descriptions. It’s how to organize your team.

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