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Can This Advisor Be Saved?

In my January 2014 Research Magazine article (read it here), I took on a challenge to help a low-producing FA become higher producing.

It all started when he sent me his prospecting stats. You can or have read the details there. The long and short of it is: he needs help prospecting and selling.

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So let me introduce you to CW

What are you trying to accomplish?

Double production in one year.

What's stopping you from doing that?

Either lack of sales skills or not having found the right campaign for me.

Position: What title do you use?

Financial Advisor

What was gross revenue last year and what do you anticipate for this year? (This is the total of fees, commissions.)

2012: $97k
2013: $145k


$13 million

HH (total):


How many new HH have you opened in the last 12 months?


In addition to referrals, how do you prospect?

Honestly, I rarely get referrals. Otherwise, cold calling and whoever I happen to run across in person.

% of business fee-based?

75% including AUM fees

Year started as FA


How many assistants on your team

Two, part time. Deborah, CO and Michael SV.

Years employed with BD/wirehouse

All with current BD

Biggest Success

A great start as a rookie. Then, leveled off and went nowhere.

Biggest challenge not yet overcome.

Boredom. It leads me to chase whatever hot, new idea I come across instead of just doggedly doing what works.

The First Assignment

My instructions to CW were to spend ten hours cold calling and ten hours walking door to door.

Here are the tools I provided him.

Cold Calling Script and Cold Walking Scripts.

To improve his sales, I recommended:

Buy and read, "How I raised myself from failure to success in selling."

Download and read, "Good Way to Sell." This is a series of 8 articles published in Research. It lays out the steps of a proper sales presentation.

"Building a Document Library" is a blog article I wrote to accompany "Can This Advisor Be Saved." It's a vital tool in Lead Development.

"Microsoft Streets and Trips" is a wonderful program for mapping clients and prospects. If CW follows my advice and imports his list into "Streets," he can easily develop routes for his cold walking.

To have "Streets and Trips" help plan your routes, you need a bit of training on the program. You will find free tutorials here.

CW kept his stats on the cold calling stat sheet I developed. Download it here.

IRS Publication 560. This is what you will mail or email to a cold call lead who does not have a 401(k) or other tax saving retirement account.

A Look at 401(k) Plan Fees. This is the document you leave with businesses that already have a 401(k) plan.