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Bill Good writes a monthly article for Research Magazine.

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$500,000 to 3 Million in 4 years

"Do exactly what he says, when he tells you to do it." - Jack Reutemann
Find out about this powerful system.
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No System like Bill's System

“I’m telling you right now, get the Bill Good System and don’t abandon it. It will save you thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache” - John Pollock
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Just released: 2 new videos on contact management. Learn a strategy and practice to save and grow your business.

  Find out about the Gorilla CRM System including major software enhancements

Bill Good Presents...

A guided tour of the Gorilla CRM system and the major enhancements in the 4.0 release.

Free Marketing Help for
Financial Advisors

Free help on team building, prospecting, referrals and much much more.

Making it Better
One reason the Gorilla system has survived since its introduction in 1986 is we follow a policy of make it better every week.

Since we are a computer-based system, some of the upgrades are to software. Why do we do these? To help you realize the promise of Gorilla: Double revenue or work half as much.

But we also add new letters to our Letters Library®, generally two to three each week. We also added 13 new business development procedures.

We added 140 new articles to our knowledgebase.

We completed 23 Strategy Schools (BGM Radio Broadcasts) to keep our clients abreast of the latest marketing, prospecting, sales, and office management know-how.

And much, much, more.

Bill Good Marketing is a 2012 Cerruli Research Partner.

DALBAR Recommends the Bill Good Marketing System® for Practice Improvement
Bill Good writes a monthly article for Research Magazine. Click Here to find an archive of Bill's most recent articles.

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